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“I had a herniated disc in my lower back. The pain was a 10. After 3 visits I could sleep, walk, and move with half the pain gone. After 1 month I was free of the pain and doing light work again.”
Tom Johnson, Soquel, Contractor

“I visit Dr. Falkenroth regularly for pains, aches and for good health. I travel frequently, and he puts me back together after long plane rides. He’s a good guy, and I trust him to adjust my back, neck, shoulders and anything else that’s out of whack. I’ve stopped in with no notice and he’s accommodated me, always friendly and easy to work with.
Marty Friedman, Scotts Valley, Management Consultant

“I first went to Dr. Falkenroth several years ago for a Sciatica issue I was having (extremely painful). After seeing one chiropractor with little to no results, I found Dr. Falkenroth in the phone book. I made my appointment with him, and immediately felt comfortable when I met him and his wife Estrella. After one visit I was feeling relief already, and with the 2nd appointment I was pain free…”
Phil Johnston, Aptos, Electrical Distribution

“A year ago, I was riddled with back pain. I thought for sure my back would return once I retired and was able to give it a good rest… wrong. I found myself in tears every night praying for my life back. After costly doctor appointments, painkillers and a chiropractor that was not a match for me, I was referred to Dr. Falkenroth. Inside of a year, I am happy to report that I’m on an as needed”basis… I am pretty much pain free. I can now walk again, ride my bike, swim and take road trips!”
Dianne Fitzgerald, Aptos, Retired

“I was introduced to Dr. Falkenroth thru a co-worker. I have a history of back issues and was looking for a good chiropractor in the area. I can state absolutely that Dr. Falkenroth has helped me with not only back health, but better overall health and wellbeing. He has an excellent gentle manner and is a good listener. I have recommended him to many friends and associates.”
Mike White, Brookdale, Business Manager

“Ah, let me count the ways Dr. Falkenroth has improved the quality of my life!… I am pain free (upper neck, shoulders, lower back)… Dr. Falkenroth has been consistent, patient, and encouraging. He allows you to find your path to a pain free life! I am extremely grateful. I love the monthly newsletter and the office staff. Totally professional.”
Faye Malone, Boulder Creek, Financial Administrator

“When I first met Dr. Falkenroth I was in constant pain, very intense pain. I took so many painkillers it scared me and my doctors. I had been to so many doctors looking for any kind of help. My life had been affected so much in so many ways and it had been affecting my family’s life in ways I have never even thought of. I was desperate for help. I hated being alive and suicide was not an option.

Dr. Falkenroth was and is my salvation to at last living again in a somewhat normal life. He took away soooo…. much pain that I went instantly to less than 200 pain pills a month – that’s down from the prescribed amount of 180 Oxycontin (800mg) + 300 Oxycodone (15mg). With all those meds, I never had felt as good as I did on my very first visit to Dr. Falkenroth.

To make things even better, his receptionist is incredible and makes every visit relaxed and carefree. Now I’m a happy woman with a happy home and family life in a much more pain-free life. And it’s ALL due to Dr. Falkenroth.”
Deborah Reed, Scotts Valley, Housewife, Grandma, Mom

“… I was referred to Dr. Falkenroth by 2 of my Registered Nurse clients. I was suffering from low back pain with intermittent numbness from low back down through my knee. Having also been a Registered Nurse for 28 years I knew it was probably from L4. He gave a free thorough consultation and we both agreed to the problem stemming from L4. Since that time he has solved my shoulder, back and hip issues. I have so much confidence in his abilities. I have referred many of my own clients to him much to their satisfaction.”
Georgia Carreras, Aptos, Massage Therapist

“… Dr. Falkenroth was my lifesaver. I recommend him to everyone I know. I work long hours as a caregiver and love to do yard work in my spare time. After I do yard work, my body is in pain. But not even pain can stop me from doing yard work, because I know Dr. Falkenroth will be there to fix me back up. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. This is something you will have to come down here and try for yourself.”
Ginger Rodriguez, Watsonville, Caregiver

Fifteen years ago, my lower back was a huge problem. I would lock up or have spasms on a “daily basis. Being a fitness trainer, this was not good. I turned to Dr. Falkenroth for help. After a few weeks of treatments I began to feel better… for the past 15 years my back has not caused any problems and I have never been more active.”
Michael Barrett, Santa Cruz, Personal Trainer

“I’ve gone to chiropractors my whole life. It got to a point that my condition was getting so bad that chiropractor manipulations only made my condition worse. I went online to find information on sciatic relief and found Dr. Falkenroth. I thought: I’ll try one more chiropractor. He was amazing! He was gentle and made me feel better instead of worse. He always spends a lot of time with me and I don’t feel rushed. He always gives me exercises when I ask. He knows every exercise for every part of the body. I rarely have to wait once I’m in the office… I have sent all my friends there and they love him, too. One of the best parts is he takes Medicare…”
Rami Hanna, Santa Cruz, Retired

“… I always appreciate being able to get an appointment the same day I have pain and then feeling so much better when I leave the office. I am afraid of manual adjustments so him using the Pro-Adjuster is a scare-free way of getting adjusted.”
Cecilia Koenig., Aptos, Program Manager

“… I have gone to other chiropractors before and have never been helped at all. Now I feel a relief of joint pain with Dr. Falkenroth and maintain this recovery with monthly appointments. I have been relieved with this method of care. It is much better than the traditional chiro adjustments that I was previously used to.”
Nanette Vlahusich, Boulder Creed, Retired

“… Dr. Falkenroth is always friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to my appointments, not only for the chiropractic care, but because he and his staff are always so welcoming, great conversationalists and care about the whole picture.”
Joanne Bitonio, Capitola, Administrator

“… I’ve always been impressed with the level of care and understanding Dr. Falkenroth brings to each visit. The computerized adjustments keep me relaxed, and are very effective. Dr. Falkenroth keeps me upright and mobile…”
Michael McPheeters., Santa Cruz, Musician

“I was getting to the point that I was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. As a UPS Driver that is not a good thing for me. So my wife made me an appointment with Dr. Falkenroth. It took several visits before I started feeling better. That was three years ago. No I come in once a month for maintenance only and I am able to work without low back pain.”
Scott Smith, Watsonville, UPS Driver

“I came with severe pain, received painless treatment and immediate results. I have come back several times after being away for weeks or months and again received immediate relief.”
Katera Rutledge, Aptos

“The first time I came to see Dr. Falkenroth, my back was out, I was in pain, and I could not stand up straight. Twelve hours after my first treatment my situation was dramatically improved. The treatments were not uncomfortable and I have always found Dr. Falkenroth to be kind and helpful.”
Laura Lee, Aromas

“Having researched “wellness” thoroughly, I can speak very clearly of the benefit my family and I receive via this clinic. As a family, we rarely visit the MD (except for the occasional stitches or poison oak treatment), and have enjoyed the freedom of movement even as we get older. I recommend this clinic all of the time with satisfactory results from all.”
Greg Koenig, Aptos

“After seeing a massage therapist several times for a sore neck, she explained that she couldn’t get to the core issue. She said that Dr. Falkenroth has some advanced techniques that could help me out. I was very skeptical at first, but after 3-4 weeks, the pain has subsided and the visits are less and less frequent.”
Ken Pitman., Capitola

“My experience in using the decompression therapy for the past 6 weeks has been good. At first it was hard to get used to, but I had no choice. Doing the therapy was great. I would recommend in the future to anybody I know that has back problems to come to Dr. Falkenroth for treatment. They won’t be disappointed.”
Alfonso Palacio, Jr., Watsonville

“I was skeptical about the Pro-Adjuster because I had never heard of it before. However, I have enjoyed the painless treatments and like the fact that I can visually track progress after each session. Dr. Falkenroth has been fantastic. He is friendly and very professional.”
Leona Collins, Santa Cruz

“I was having back pain for several weeks. After a few days of sweating from pain I called Dr. Falkenroth and he was able to see me within a few hours. I was able to sleep after that night. Over the next few visits my back and neck pain were all but gone. I was skeptical of his approach with the new technology but am now sold on his procedures.”
Jerry Hovey, Santa Cruz

“I have had a lot of pain in my lower back and neck. Dr. Falkenroth has worked wonders for me over the last couple of months. I recommend people that have back problems to him all the time. I went to see about five other doctors before finding Dr. Falkenroth, all with some results, but not with the results that Dr. Falkenroth has given me. I am very happy that I found him when I did. He’s very very good at what he does. He’s also a person who really cares about his patients. I am able to do sports and everyday regular things that I wasn’t able to do a few months. I couldn’t be happier!”
Mark Whitney, Aptos

“I was referred by a co-worker. I have been suffering from low back pain due to an injury sustained at home, making it difficult for me to move without pain. Coming here to Dr. Falkenroth was a breath of fresh air! My first visit was great. I left here with less pain in my back, but still not sure about how his adjustments were going to help. About 4-6 weeks into the adjustments/treatments I noticed a very significant difference in my pain level. 5-9/10 down to 0-1/10 pain level. It is so nice to not feel constant pain and to know where I can go for pain relief without medications or invasive procedures.”
Martel Douglas, Aptos

“I met Dr. Falkenroth 4 years ago in Aptos. Dr. Falkenroth has been treating me and greatly helping me in my strenuous training. I have referred over the years my students and all of them have had a great experience.”
Brice Chevalier, Aptos

“At first I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the adjusting machine he uses, but I am now a huge fan. It instantly shows areas of my spine that are slightly out of whack that I might otherwise have simply written off as stress or tension. When something is out of whack, Dr. Falkenroth can pinpoint the area and treat it accordingly. I no longer suffer from chronic headaches and my back has never been stronger.”
Brooklyn Taylor, Santa Cruz

“Service is courteous, friendly, prompt – in a nice clean environment. Back pain was severe at beginning and has subsided substantially.”
Byron Grisel, Santa Cruz

“My experience has always been positive. I was referred by a number of colleagues at Cabrillo College. My very first time seeing Dr. Falkenroth was very positive. He started seeing me because I got in a position of a work comp situation. Severe neck & back pain & tingling on the tips of hands & numbing. My condition has really improved… Staff has always been exceptional.”
Rose Chavez, Santa Cruz

“Dr. Falkenroth has helped me with my back & foot pain that has helped me to be more productive at my job. The experience has been excellent…”
Curt Nolte, Santa Cruz

“When I started coming to Dr. Falkenroth my back pain was causing me to lose sleep; I was in pain most of the time. I followed the plan set out by Dr. Falkenroth, and I have noticed a huge difference. I’m not consistently in a bad mood anymore from back pain.”
Kristy Tankersley, Santa Cruz

“My injuries have subsided quite a bit. I don’t pull muscle as much and feel stronger. Overall I have had great results here.”
Andrew Velberg, Aptos

“I’ve had problems for years and never dealt with them. After two visits, I could feel myself gradually begin to get healthier. It was good.”
Jordan Freeman, Santa Cruz

“Dr. Falkenroth is very knowledgeable & his treatment is effective. Treatment is painless and has helped me very much.”
Julia DeRoza, Aptos

“First of all I would definitely recommend the clinic to my friends. As for being skeptical, Yes, I was, but then I’ve been going thru this pain for many years. I admire Dr. John’s honesty in explaining every move he makes. I know it has taken many years of abuse to get my body in this condition, but I’m like everyone else – looking for the sure cure like overnight.”
Nancy Silveira, Santa Cruz

“Dr. Falkenroth is wonderful! He is very knowledgeable, very accurate, he takes the time to understand the situation. I am very confident in his abilities. He is very kind and caring. His treatments are very gentle and don’t hurt. I have frequent severe migraines. I have just started treatment with Dr. Falkenroth and feel some real relief in my neck after the treatments.”
Judith Jones, Marina

“I woke up one morning with a terrible pain that started in the back of my neck and ran all the way down my right arm. Not one to immediately see the doctor, I lived with this intense pain for several months. A friend told me about John, her D.C. and how he had helped her with pain so I made an appointment. He evaluated and treated me on the first visit and the pain soon went away after a few more visits.”
Norma Pena, Soquel

“Treatments are really good and I love that they’re personalized.”
Jennifer Grazian, Freedom

“When I began receiving adjustments from Dr. Falkenroth’s office using the Pro-adjuster, I not only began to feel much better, but there was no discomfort at all.”
Vickie Bencich, Scotts Valley

“Dr. Falkenroth has treated my chronic pain as well as a more recent disc injury. The treatment is excellent, gentle and painless. This treatment allows me to function with less pain and has alleviated much of my back pain. I highly recommend this clinic above any other treatment.”
Laura Kirkpatrick, Scotts Valley

“I came to the office with severe neck and shoulder pain. The treatments were painless and immediately effective. The massage chairs are so relaxing before each adjustment and the water massager after adjustments is wonderful. The office staff is friendly & organized. I look forward to each of my treatments.”
Vicki Schot, Capitola

“I woke up with intense and aggravating low back pain that kept me from focusing on anything. I called in the morning and they had an opening that afternoon, thankfully. After the Pro-Adjuster, which helped relax my muscles and remind my spine how to be in correct alignment, I appreciated the additional expertise of Dr. John.”
Dr. Krista Alongi, D.C., Santa Cruz

“While massage is good for the person I’m working on, it can sometimes take its toll on my body. Dr. Falkenroth keeps my lower back, shoulders and hands working freely so I can do my best for my clients. For fun I dance, it keeps me fit. Sometimes I overdo it and the massage table helps with that.”
Courtney Barrett, Santa Cruz

“Four years ago I was I a car accident where my neck and back were severely knocked out of line. After experiencing a year of pain I decided to come to Dr. Falkenroth. Since the beginning of my therapy my neck and back have become more in line and I am not experiencing any more pain. Dr. Falkenroth has been very accommodating, kind and helpful though my therapy and his great service will keep me coming back for years to come. I believe in Dr. Falkenroth and refer people to him as much as possible.”
Jeff DeRoza, Aptos

“…If I had put off any longer getting the help I needed I probably wouldn’t be enjoying my life, grandkids, or dog walks at all. I would say give it a try!! It is not invasive like surgery or shots and if it helps, you will be healthier, happier, more content and understand your body better.”
Sharon Emory, Aptos

“Since I began seeing Dr. Falkenroth for chronic (3 1/2 years) lower back pain, the pain has reduced. I am now able to do some of the activities I avoided due to the increase in discomfort the next day. He listens well and targets the right areas for maximum relief. The treatments were never painful and I always felt better after I left the office.”
Christopher George, Aptos

“I am feeling much better since my car accident. I also noticed my neck isn’t cracking and popping like it used to. I am not taking Vicodin anymore since the pain has diminished to a manageable level.”
Robert Maples, Aptos

“Dr. Falkenroth has helped me in so many ways. My shoulder, back and hip were in bad shape due to my job as a hair stylist & salon owner. I got instant relief & have had steady results…”
Donna Peirini, Aptos

“I had a bike accident. I felt pain in my back and other parts of my body especially my left foot. This treatment helped me a lot to recover, to walk normal again and to ease the pain that I am suffering. It took me like more than 2 months in my treatment and I hope even after many years will pass everything will be fine to me. Their treatment is remarkable especially the water massage.”
Rowena Roco, Capitola

“It has been a very great experience to be treated by Dr. Falkenroth. His treatment is gentle, painless and beneficial to my whole body. Even though I haven’t been coming for very long, I’ve found that I feel better, my neck is stronger and has more mobility. In addition, my lower back has less recurring aches & pain. I’ve recommended Dr. Falkenroth to many of my friends already.”
Kristin Moneicki, Santa Cruz

“Had consistent headaches from stress in neck which have disappeared. Also was ready to have knee surgery from pain caused by misaligned cartilage which has also lessened considerately.”
Gigi Phillips, Aptos

“I was having terrible neck and shoulder pain limiting my being able to turn my head. I now have great flexibility with no pain.”
Charlene Hunt, Aptos

“Dr. Falkenroth has made my back 100% better since I’ve been coming to him. I have no lower back problem near as much as I did. I would recommend him to anyone with back problems!!”
Jim Harrington, Capitola

“Suffering from Carpal Tunnel is very painful. Through my treatments with Dr. Falkenroth I have a decrease in pain immediately & on an ongoing basis I have increased mobility in my arm and hand. I highly recommend Dr. Falkenroth. The treatments really work and the patient care is exceptional.”
Laura Reed, Scotts Valley

“Since seeing Dr. Falkenroth I have been able to cut down and even exclude allergy medications on a seasonal & year round basis. I also have less migraines eliminating dependence on preventative drugs and emergency medications. I sleep better and have lost weight now that I have more energy to put into my workouts.”
Sarah Kollars, Aptos

“I first came to Dr. Falkenroth for help in recovering from a broken bone in my foot. The result of the treatments was that not only did my foot heal quickly, but both my feet became more flexible than they had been in years. I was responding so well that I had my husband begin treatments for low back pain. Then my teenage daughter, who is a dancer, tore a muscle in her groin. Dr. Falkenroth helped her to get back to performing very quickly. I certainly recommend him for his painless and effective treatments.”
Karen Mora, Watsonville

“I get adjustments by Dr. Falkenroth when my neck and back feel out of alignment or when I have muscle spasms. He can quickly and gently get things back into place. He is kind, efficient, gentle and funny. I love the massage chair and the Aquamassage – and the nature videos of beaches.”
Carol Williamson, Aptos

“I hurt my lower back months ago. My neighbor recommended Dr. Falkenroth. The treatment is great. Pain is gone. I’m back to normal.”
Joseph March, Capitola

“Noticed a big improvement with my neck and back pain after about 3-4 treatments. I like the gentle adjustments – I would highly recommend it.”
Diane Slivkoff, Santa Cruz

“I was rear ended in a car accident and was sent to a general practitioner and was given drugs to mask my pain. But I knew I wasn’t healing. Dr. Falkenroth’s approach was new to me. I decided to give this method a try and I have been very impressed. I feel like my body is healing properly and my pain has decreased significantly.”
Robert Andrews, Los Gatos

“My experience with Dr. Falkenroth and staff has been very positive from the beginning. His explanation of the treatment was easy to understand and the results have been very good…”
Dale Oostermeyer, Soquel

“I came with a pinched nerve in my neck. I got instant pain relief within three visits. I felt great with more energy no headaches and with full mobility of my neck.”
Dennis Johnson, Felton

“It took about 5 weeks but definitely I could tell the difference. Treatments did not hurt. I would definitely recommend him to others.”
Mark Hamer, Santa Cruz

Dr. Falkenroth is the clinic director at the Back Pain & Sciatica Clinic in Soquel. After 16 years in practice, Dr. Falkenroth has helped over 3,500 patients with low back pain and sciatica.

Dr. Falkenroth belongs to an organization called To watch what the Clinic Director of The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D. has to say about, click on this link: and watch Dr. Roizen’s video in the top right corner.

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