Neck Pain And Headaches

 Can Your Neck Pain And Headaches Be Coming

From Other Places Besides Your Neck And Head?

Neck pain and stiffness are very common complaints, and these problems can come and go chronically for years, even decades. Focusing only on the neck may NOT be the best approach. Let’s take a closer look…

A group of physical therapists in Brazil and Australia performed a systematic literature review of the benefits of specific stabilization exercises for spinal and pelvic pain and looked at disability, return to work, number of episodes, global perceived benefit, and quality of life factors.

They not only searched for the beneficial effects for low back and pelvic pain and dysfunction, but also the benefits for headache with or without neck pain and any related disability. Not only did they find significant research support for improving pelvic pain and for preventing recurrence after an acute episode of low back pain but they also found that cervicogenic headache and neck pain improved from the use of low back/pelvic stabilization exercises!

Additionally, spinal manipulative therapy, or chiropractic care, has been reported as the most effective treatment for cervicogenic headache and neck pain patients. Other studies have found that the combination of exercise AND chiropractic care is more effective than exercise alone.

Afraid of chiropractic care?

You may be familiar with the traditional type of chiropractic care with the cracking, twisting and popping of your neck and back. After over 100+ years, chiropractic care has evolved. At our office, upon request, patients can still get the traditional type of chiropractic care. BUT, many of our patients choose the NO CRACKING, NO POPPING AND NO TWISTING style of chiropractic care that we offer… a modern computer-guided version that will find your stuck bones and gently release them so that your spine can regain proper movement. And you get pain-relief and increased spinal flexibility.

We can use this groundbreaking computerized chiropractic care on your neck and low back. The bottom line is that stabilizing the lower quarter (low back and pelvis) helps, as it offers the neck and head a better foundation on which to rest. An analogy would be a house with a weak foundation resulting in the whole house being in jeopardy, especially the attic or the area farthest away from the ground.

Researchers have found that doctors of chiropractic can significantly improve neck pain, balance, and headaches in chronic neck pain patients by strengthening the deep neck flexors, or the muscles that attach directly to the front of the cervical spine. We also know that treatments that promote movement such as spinal manipulation, when rendered early on, can result in better outcomes for the whiplash patient.

Therefore, the “key” to the greatest success is: chiropractic adjustments + cervical range of motion exercises + cervical stabilization exercises + umbar/pelvis stabilization exercises. Traditionally, “rest and heat” are commonly prescribed for neck pain patients, or worse, they are placed in a cervical collar and taken off work and told to rest. The evidence published, especially since 2008, STRONGLY disagrees with this approach favoring a treatment plan that incorporates motion, “usual” activity (including work), adjustments, and exerciseas soon as possible.

If you have neck pain or headaches, come in and let’s check your neck. We’ll also check your low back and pelvis to make sure you’re getting enough support from them to keep your neck and head stable and pain-free. If you need neck and low back exercises, let us know at your next visit.

If you feel sharp pain or noise in your neck during the day, these are WARNING SIGNS that you probably have spinal misalignments in your neck that need to be corrected.

Spinal misalignments are easy to treat and correct… especially when caught early. If left uncorrected, these spinal misalignments will eventually create a giant pain in the neck for you… like a cavity that’s allowed to get much bigger and worse. If you feel sharp pain or popping noise in your neck, call us at (831) 475-8600 to schedule a treatment to correct your abnormal spinal misalignments. For a FREE consultation, call (831) 475-8600.


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