Neck Pain And Stress

Can Stress Contribute to Your Back Pain Or Neck Pain? 

In a study that looked at stress and how people who seek chiropractic care perceive it, researchers wrote that psychosocial stress, “…pervades modern life and is known to have an impact on health. Pain, especially chronic back pain, is influenced by stress.”

Here, ten different chiropractic clinics reported results tallied from 138 patients who were given questionnaires about stress and its association with their current condition.

More than 30% categorized themselves as being “moderately to severely stressed,” and over 50% felt that stress had a moderate or greater effect on their presenting complaint. Further, about 71% of the patients felt that a stress management approach would be useful to help them cope and 44% were interested in taking a “self-development program to enhance their stress management skills.”

The study concluded that:

  1. patient perceptions are known to be important in management approaches
    and treatment outcomes
  2. in this study, about 1/3 of patients presenting perceived themselves as being moderately or severely stressed
  3. interventions that reduce stress or the patient’s perception of being stressed
    may be an important and valid “intervention” in patient management.

So how do doctors of chiropractic help with item #3 above?

Chiropractic care helps manage the patient’s back pain and neck pain. Pain is often at the core of a current heightened stress level, as it can push the stress level “over the edge.”

Many of you have busy lives.  Most of you have others depending on you for help… maybe an older parent or a relative… children… pets… community organizations.  On top of that, many of you have jobs or own your own businesses.

Imagine having back pain or neck pain.  Not only are you in pain, but because of the pain… you move slower, you can’t do some of the things that you need to do, you get irritable… can you understand why this situation can get stressful?  Not only on the person suffering with back pain or neck pain, but also on the ones depending on them?

Your back pain or neck pain makes you stressed.  Stress makes your back or neck pain worse… which makes your more stressed. You need to stop this bad cycle IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t wait until your situation gets much more stressful.  Call us as soon as you feel the pain.


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