Neck Stretches For Neck Pain

The Best Neck Stretches For Neck Pain…

If you have neck pain and you’re wondering what the best neck stretches are for neck pain, read on. Exercise for the neck is VERY important since weak muscles are related to many painful conditions of the neck… and can contribute to fatigue, irritability, headache, sleep loss, and more.

Do the neck stretches above SLOWLY. And stay within your “reasonable” pain boundaries.

When done correctly, these neck stretches can increase your neck range of motion, reduce your neck stiffness/tightness, and strengthen your neck muscles. WARNING: Stop the stretches if you feel sharp pain in your neck or anywhere in your body.

The neck stretches and exercises above combine range of motion (ROM) against light resistance in 4 directions. These 4 directions are: forward, backward, bending to the left and bending to the right.

To do these neck stretches correctly, it’s similar to an arm wrestling contest…follow the instructions below.

  1. Push your head into your hand while moving the head to the end of the range… “letting the head win”(See A, C, E, G).
  2. Repeat this going back in the opposite direction by “letting the hand win” (see B, D, F, H), again, moving through the entire range of motion.

SPECIAL NOTE: ALWAYS push your head into your hands. Make sure you move your head against resistance in BOTH directions. The trick is to do these stretches VERY slowly… to build motor control and coordination… and to move through the entire “comfortable” range of motion.

Do the neck stretches 3x slowly. If your neck pain gets worse, lighten up on the amount of pressure you’re using… or stop the movement just prior to the start of the sharp pain. If you can’t make it to the end of the movement due to pain, make a note of how many reps it took before the onset or increase of your neck pain and how far you could move your head.

These exercises can be performed 1 to 3x/day, according to your pain tolerance. If you do these neck stretches consistently, it will increase your neck range of motion, increase your neck strength, and build coordination… all at the same time.

If you feel sharp neck pain while doing any of the above neck stretches, call our office at (831) 475-8600 to get your neck checked for an underlying neck problem that needs to be treated first.

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